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  1. Okinawa Americana - Mimura
    Okinawa Americana (featuring Kelle Jolly) - Mimura
  2. Okinawa Americana - Up Above My Head
    Okinawa Americana (featuring Kelle Jolly) - Up Above My Head
  3. Okinawa Americana - Aha Bushi
    Okinawa Americana (featuring Kelle Jolly) - Aha Bushi
  4. Okinawa Americana - Red Wine and Moonshine
    Okinawa Americana (featuring Kelle Jolly) - Red Wine and Moonshine
  5. Be Love : David Ralston official music video
    David Ralston is an amazing blues musician based out of Okinawa Japan, but performing world wide, this is the newest single from his new Album "The L.A Sessions" Available on itunes : Contact me through my website if you are looking to make your own Music Video :
  6. Beatle or a Rolling Stone : David Ralston
    Filmed in Okinawa Japan at Nashville Okinawa, all shot on a Nikon D750 Get the whole album at : Visit Nashville Okinawa : Filmed and created by ADAM L Photography :
  7. Okinawa's my home : David Ralston ft Merry
    Okinawa's my home, you aint been here you ain't been nowhere : Merry, David Ralston, Takumi Sakamoto, Yoshitaka Tengan performed this gospel classic infront of 10,000+ people.
  8. Okinawa is my Home ♪ David Ralston
  9. "I Don't Care" by David Ralston
    Title Track for 8th Studio album Directed by MASTER WIZ Produced by GFY International a subsidiary of IDFC
  10. Behind the Art : David Ralston
    This, the first installment of Behind the art features the amazing talent of David Ralston. A unique individual who has found a way to meld his own flavor of blues with traditional Okinawan folk music. At a time when Okinawan and US relations are strained to the point of breaking, David's art is a shining light of the possibilities for a future where both cultures learn to embrace each others positive points. Check out more of David's work at the following links:
  11. Wide Bushi : Okinawa Americana
    Here it is folks another amazing song from Okinawa Americana​ : Wide bushi! Huge shout out to Capoeira Academy Okinawa - Capoeira, BJJ, MMA and Kickboxing​ for bringing their A game for this shoot! Be sure to get you copy of this new CD from itunes today :
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  2. Cambodia 2015 May_vol.2
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  4. Cambodia 2015 May vol.4
  5. Cambodia 2015 May vol.5
  6. Malaysia time 1
    30th sep 2016
  7. Malaysia time 2
    3th OCT 2016
  8. Malaysia time 3
  9. America tour 1 1016 Nov_Dec
  10. America tour 2 1016 Nov_Dec
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  15. YAIRI Guiter company tour oct 2 2015
  16. David Ralston & The Halfros... Merry & Kelle sing at the music store
    We stopped by the Open Chord music store to check out their selection of guitars and ukes. David picked up a guitar and Merry got out her sanshin, a traditional Okinawan instrument and we sang some blues. The Blues Is All Wrong by Leola Manning
  17. Living In Okinawa-Okinogu Shrine Christmas Concert
    I sat down with recording artist David Ralston as he was getting ready to perform at one of Okinawa's oldest and most sacred shrines