Okinawa Americana

Internationally recognized recording artists and musicians, David Ralston and Merry have created their own brand of music,  “Okinawa Americana Music.” Integrating influences from Japan to Brazil to America’s heartland, World Music to Blues, Country, Folk, and Roots Rock, they successfully illustrate that “The world of music is not just changing, it has changed.”

『沖縄・アメリカーナ メリー&デイビッド』は沖縄を拠点にして、国際的に活動しながら独自の音楽世界を奏でる。

Whether David and Merry are performing as an acoustic duo or with a full band and traditional Eisa Dancers, prepare your imagination for an magically soulful, bluesy, rockin’ show that audiences are guaranteed to remember.

David Ralston and Merry Gushi will be releasing their newest project, “Okinawa Americana” worldwide in 2017, as a follow up to their “East West” collaboration. Recorded in Los Angeles, Nashville, and Awaji, Japan, the album blends David’s American Blues with Merry’s Okinawan traditional Japanese Folk and World Music style.“Okinawa Americana” also features world class musicians, including Phil Chen (Rod Stewart, Jeff Beck), Dave Roe (Johnny Cash), and Mark T. Jordan (Carpenters, Bonnie Raitt).​

等が参加している​。2020年5月にはセカンドアルバム『二 Tachi』を発売予定。

World Wide Performances


2018,12,26 Thailand tour 

2018,12,22 Plaza House Christmas LIVE


2018,11,03 Hawaii tour

2018,10,29 Itoman Charity Concert

2018,10,21 Experience Paul Reed Smith in Japan


2018,10,19 Ishinomaki LIVE

2018,09,15 Okinawa Americana Festival vol.2

2018,09,09 Fukuoka Live 

2018,08,26 Asian Festival Knoxville Tennessee 

2018,08,22 USA tour

2018,07,28 Tokashiki Matsuri 


2018,06,30 Kouri island LIVE 

2018,06,24  Okinawa Budokan Live

2018,03,31 Kagoshima Live

2018,03,25 Camp Schwab LIVE 

2017,11,03 USA tour

2017,10,19 FM Okinawa ”happy island”  

2017,11,18 Experience PRS in Japan

2017,10,7 Naha Festival

2017,09,30 Shinagawa Unga Matsuri

2017,09,23 Radio Okinawa

2017,09,21 FM Okinawa

2017,09,16 Plaza House CD Release LIVe

2017,08,27 Kmioooka Netu Matsuri 

2017,08,24 Itoman Furusato Matsuri

2017,08,20 1st Album"Okinawa Americana release

2017,07,1 Okuma Live

2017,06,30 Okinawa Americana Fest vol.1 


2017,04,08 Shinagawa Unga Matsuri

2016,11,23 USA tour


2016,09,30 Malaysia tour 


2016,07,11-24 Japan tour

2016,04,15 Shonagawa Unga Matsuri


2016,04,08 Plaza House Rycome Anthoropology Live

2016,02,12 Tokyo Blue Mood LIve

2015,11,14 Perer Barakan Toyama DJ LIve

2015,10,24 Peter Barakan Live Magic in Tokyo

2015,10,10 Naha festival RBC Stage LIVE

2015,07 Jieitai Summer Festival


2015,06,07 Futenma Flight Line LIVE

2015,5, 22 Sharky Bar Cambodia LIVE


2014,12,31 Okuma Resort New Year Countdown LIVE


Special Projects

Kids support


We collect donations from  Individuals and corporations and provide human support  for children and families in need. We also plan international exchanges between children and foreign nationals on a regular basis. For inquiries, please contact us!  .


Live Hospital Performances


We support long-term inpatients and healthcare professionals through music.


Clean Water in ZIMBABWE


We plan to dig a well to improve the water supply in Zimbabwe schools.